Formare & Mentorat 2023 (EN)

Training & Mentoring

The 2023 edition of the Training and Mentorship Program will be focused on the future perspectives for the art and cultural system in Europe and in Romania, new demands on the part of public cultural policies, new competencies needed in the production of cultural content, and other issues that impact today the context of cultural development worldwide and in Europe.

Given the important shift in values and context taking place in the world and also the consequences not yet completely established of the pandemic crisis, cultural and artistic communities are challenged with new modalities of work and creation, as well as a new role that art and culture play in society. More and more collective and connective values are replacing a mono-directional creative pattern.

Traditional hierarchic working dynamics are collapsing and giving way to different modalities of articulating the arts and the creative environment in relation to the community needs and in forms that are collective and co-creative.

Ethical issues are more present than ever regarding the process of creation. The digital challenge and AI’s impact on the arts and creativity require attention. This is why it seems that a reflection on future scenarios for arts and culture comes now at the perfect time.

The whole training process proposes an interactive, intergenerational and interdisciplinary approach that responds to the need to recalibrate key notions related to the role of culture in society.

What we aim for
identifying new multidimensional competences for co-creative ways of articulating art and the creative environment
ancouraging critical thinking and the development of argumentative skills on themes specific to the cultural system
developing skills in interactive, innovative and idea-aggregating professional dialogue
understanding and integrating current challenges of European cultural policies from a global and post-pandemic perspective
May 2
Lauching the program
May 18 - 22
The selection process
June 12 - 23
Module 2: The future of past cultural policies and dynamics (online)
July 10 - 21
Module 4: Mentorship. Individual sessions (online)
May 17, 23:59 (EET)
Deadline for applications
May 30 - June 3
Module 1: introduction (on-site, in Timișoara)
June 26 - 30
Module 3: Communicating cultural content (online)



Corina Șuteu, Rarița Zbranca, Mary Ann DeVlieg, Bob Palmer, Richard Peña, Mihaela Tilinca, Vlad Tăușance, Tilla Rudel



Corina Șuteu, Vava Ștefănescu & Mihai Mihalcea, Lars Enders [TBC]



Andrei Borțun, Norsensus Mediaforum [TBC]



Andrei Codrescu, Lidia Bodea, Paola Leoncini Bartoli
Criteria for participation

The programme is dedicated to 20 professionals in the cultural field, with at least a beginner’s experience (minimum 2 years) in cultural projects, organisations or institutions, regardless of their position or role in these initiatives.

You can apply if:

you are available to participate in the whole programme, both physically in Timisoara and online

you have at least 2 years’ experience in the cultural field, regardless of role

you have a basic knowledge of cultural projects and organisations

The programme is suited for you if: 

you are a freelancer or professional in cultural organisations/institutions

you are motivated to explore new cultural practices and policies

you need guidance in your professional development

you have experience working with artists or wish to deepen your relationship with contemporary art

Corina Suteu_director curs
Corina Șuteu
course director, trainer
Oana Big_coordonator
Oana Big
project coordinator
Bob Palmer_Facilitator
Bob Palmer
Mary Ann DeVlieg_Facilitator
Mary Ann DeVlieg
Richard Pena_Facilitator
Richard Peña
Rarita Zbranca_Facilitator
Rarița Zbranca
Mihaela Tilinca_Facilitator
Mihaela Tilinca
Vava Stefanescu_Lecturer
Vava Ștefănescu
Mihai Mihalcea_Lecturer
Mihai Mihalcea
Andrei Bortun_Facilitator
Andrei Borțun


Presentations: Oana Simionescu, Val Mureșan, Andreea Iager, Diana Marincu, Ovidiu Șandor, Ovidiu Hrin, Silvia Hrin, Oana Maria Dobosi, Raluca Selejan, Tilla Rudel, Vava Ștefănescu, Mihai Mihalcea, Mădălin Bunoiu

Meetings and visits: FABER, Art Encounters, the French Institute, West University of Timișoara, Cazarma U, Auăleu theatre, Synopsys Media, La două bufnițe and others


The selection process for international participants is done by our partners from Norsensus Mediaforum and Bodø2024 IKS. If you’re interesed to join us, you can contact us at

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