We develop the practice of mediation in the cultural sector, train skills and provide resources for the cultural scene to develop practices that strengthen the relationship with the public / focusing on a deep relationship with the public.

In addition to the development of practice and training, the programme also aims in the long term, to promote and strengthen cultural mediation at a national level and to validate the profession of mediator in the Romanian code of occupations. We organise workshops and pilot mediation activities in partnership with cultural organisations and institutions and annually organise the Academy of Change Forum, an event dedicated to the meeting of culture and education.


The Cultural Mediation Forum is an annual event dedicated to practices at the intersection of culture and education, which aim to create a framework for exchange, dialogue and learning in the development of cultural mediation in Romania.

Cultural Mediation+ is the satellite programme of the Cultural Mediation Forum and complements the theoretical, methodological and policy-based discussions and explorations of the central event with a series of meetings with a strong practical dimension, exploring inspiring working models, tools and projects.

Training workshop on `Audience development techniques´ for cultural organisations and institutions in Cluj-Napoca.

Training course in scientific mediation

The Clujean Cultural Centre in partnership with Universcience, Paris organizes during the Romania – France 2019 season a scientific mediation course, aiming to develop practical skills in communicating science to a wide audience.

Contemporary Art for the whole family - cultural mediation programme

Young and old, we discover contemporary art together in the exhibition ´Memory as Vision´


The Cluj Cultural Centre is developing the mediation programme for Romania’s participation in the 58th Venice Biennale, preparing a team of curators who will guide and mediate for almost 7 months for the diverse public visiting the Biennale.

The Cultural Voucher, an initiative of the Clujean Cultural Centre, is a mechanism to increase cultural access for specific groups in the local community.