Workshop #4

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Workshop #4

You get to understand a subject much better when you present it to others. In school, engaging and empowering children to explain scientific topics to others is recognized as a valuable pedagogical practice. When the teacher collaborates with an artist in an educational team effort, the quality of the results increases. How does participatory cultural and scientific mediation happen in the school? What does history look like in the school curriculum presented by children, to children?

The Children explain history project is, in the words of the organizers, an educational project whose goal is to develop an online platform that includes history video lessons for middle school, video lessons in which the protagonists are the children from General School number 1 in Sohatu, Călăraşi county. The project started in 2021 with a series of video lessons intended to be educational support for the 5th grade curriculum, 1st semester. The children of Sohatu told about the first people, about daily life in the Ancient East, about the crafts and beliefs practiced then, about the way people organized themselves into social groups, about their impressive constructions and about the laws by which they governed themselves. The project is moving forward this year, thanks to new funding from the National Cultural Fund Administration.

The workshop on June 23 will be attended by Ion David Pîrneci, the history teacher of the children involved in the project, and Eliza Zdru, director and producer of the project. The guests will present how the video lessons can be used further by all those interested, but also how they worked together to make the video lessons, how they encouraged the children’s involvement and how the project was received by the teachers who participated in a dedicated training , last year in the fall.

The workshop is dedicated to anyone interested in using the video lessons or understanding how they can develop such resources together with the children.

Team and guests
Eliza Zdru
Eliza Zdru
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